Rockway Home Inspection is by far the best ever!!  Zibby is extremely thorough and professional at inspecting your home or potential home.  He is on time, prepared, and you receive a verbal walk through at the end of the inspection.  You also will receive a detailed written one within 24 hours!!  He takes lots of photos so you can reference the area(s) of concern.  He is also very willing to show you the area of concern and explain what the potential hazard is or could be in the future. I have called Zibby twice to inspect future homes in the last month and plan on using him to comb through the home I am listing.  If you want to know about your house…..he is the one to call!!! Zibby is the man!!  From start to finish he is professional and extremely thorough!!


Danny Hanke

Mr. Sweica,
You’ve done a fabulous job and we appreciate it. If we have additional questions, I’ll text or email. we look forward to doing business in the future. Thank you very much. I’ll write a very good review for you as well.
Pam & Al Howand

Zibby was recommended by a realtor we were working with. Not knowing anyone in the area I figured I couldn’t do any worse. Man was this guy thorough. He saved me from making a huge mistake. This house probably has that Chinese sheet rock that ruined wiring and copper pipes, there was a fire place incorrectly vented that was a CO problem and the roof was a wreck, no,starter shingles, no drip edge metal trim and attached with staples instead of roofing nails just to name a few things. I am so glad I met him and would recommend him to anyone any time. Best $350.00 I’ve spent, could have been a 350K mistake otherwise.

Charles W.

We hired Zibby from Rockway Home Inspections to inspect a home that we were considering purchasing.

Zibby was prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, and professional. His experience was evident. As we walked through the house, he clearly explained what he was doing and why. He pointed out several issues, explained whether they were a concern or not, and even provided estimates on how much certain repairs might cost. He spent about 3 hours in and around our house and even went back up into the attic with me to clarify something that I had a question about. His full, detailed report was sent within one day and was very thorough.

Not only was he knowledgeable, but Zibby was also friendly and seemed both honest and sincere. He also scheduled a termite inspection with another great provider who came out at the same time. We were very glad to use him and were even more pleased when he provided a military discount.

We would certainly use Zibby and Rockway Home Inspections in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

John Hawkins, San Antonio Home Inspection.

You did a great job with my inspection and turns out you are saving me a pretty good amount of money. I really appreciate it and would recommend you to friends in the future.

Thanks again, Cristopher Wright

He spent three hours inspecting the home in great detail, i.e. the roof, foundation issues, flooring, windows, chimney, AC unit, sprinkler, hot tub, and much more. He also spent time talking with us at the end to shed light on the issues he would write about. He gave context to what would be written so we would understand that certain things would be written about as issues but may not ever prove to be any real problem, versus other things that we absolutely should have fixed or checked out further.  He is very nice to work with, seems extremely knowledgeable.  His report was very thorough and easy to understand and professional. I’ve had to call him a few times since the inspection over a few questions regarding one issue to do with this home and he has been extremely helpful and was willing to go back to the home for no extra charge to re-examine a particular issue. It has since turned out to be un-necessary.  I would highly recommend Zibby and Rockway to anyone needed a home inspection.

Linda Monas, San Antonio Inspection

Zibby has done many investment home inspections throughout the past few years for us. His home inspection reports are thorough and provide the ability to determine the projection in taking ownership of investments. I have personally recommended his service to several family and friends all of whom have been VERY satisfied with his work. It is very easy to just call Zibby and let him get to his work without my having to oversee him, allowing me to continue my daily work. Highly recommend his services, he is dependable, reliable and personable.

Joanne, TORA Enterprises, LLC  San Antonio Texas.

He did the home inspection. He did a great job.

Brenda Gaura, San Antonio home Inspection

Zibby was right on time and ready to go. He was thorough and did a methodical inspection of the entire property.  He explained everything to me along the way. He took lots of pictures and was a fountain of information.  I would definitely recommend and will use their service again! The inspection was very informative! He was very honest and straight forward with the issues he found, noticed.

Wendy Azure

Home inspection for 3 BR, 2B, 2000 sq ft house. Zibby arrived right on time and ready to go.  He performed a thorough and detailed inspection while explaining everything to us along the way.  He took lots of pictures and provided a comprehensive report the next day.  We would definitely recommend and will use their service again!

Daniel Churchill

Zibby did an inspection on our new home my wife and I purchased.Z ibby was great.  He arrived at the property before I did.  We walked through the entire house together and he explained all his findings in full detail.  He took his time and we were there about 2.5 hours.  He even finished the home inspection report and emailed me back within the same day. He is very professional and thorough.

Richard Gaines

Home Inspection Perfection I’ve had several homes inspected over the years and Zibby was the by far the best ever. He was early and already had the roof inspected before we arrived to the property.   He inspected the house from stem to stern and after spending nearly three hours he provided a verbal review of what he found.  I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a pre-sale home inspection.

Perry J Deyarmond

Zibby came out on time, worked hard, was very thorough and explained things as the home inspection progressed. When I asked questions, he answered them fully, often pointing out details. At this house, a previous home inspector couldn’t get into the attic. Zibby did. He pointed out a system that was up to code, but said and put in his report that due to its age and outdated parts it should be considered for updating soon. I appreciated that much. He spent more than 3 hours on the inspection. Got the report with many photos the next day.  Went very well. Was able to get the appointment the same week I called.

Sandra Hunt

Zibby did an outstanding job inspecting our potential new home.  We hired him to conduct a full inspection on a home built in 1952 with several additions over the years. He showed up a little early to get a jump on the inspection.  When I arrived to the house he was already on the roof conducting the inspection.  He invited me up to take a look at some specific areas of concern to the roof.  It turns out that there had been some hail damage.  Anyways, he welcomed me to walk the entire property together as he inspected the home.  He explained every detail in layman’s terms so that I could understand exactly what issues I was taking on in this 60 year old home.  He was very thorough and detailed in his inspection.  His report included every detail we discussed in person with no surprises.  It also had several pictures so that I can reference them in the future to refresh my memory.  Overall, I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying a house in the San Antonio area.

Craig Mcilwian

I am very happy with the home inspection conducted by Zibby.  He was early to the appointment and incredibly thorough.  This is my first home purchase so I followed him around and asked every question I could think of for the 2-3hrs that he was there. He was very informative and patient with me and my inexperience.  He helped me to feel confident in the strengths of the house, and also brought to my attention many potential problems.  His report was very helpful including photos and detailed notes. He has lots of experience in this business and I would definitely recommend him to anyone. Fantastic!

Wesley Keller

I was trying to get a home we had a contract on inspected in a two day window.  Ziggy was so nice and even though he couldn’t fit me in to his schedule, he gave me a great recommendation of another high quality inspector.  I really appreciated his help. Great customer Service.

Laura Hallam

Mr.Swieca arrived early to the inspection and had his gear ready to go. He was incredibly professional and explained everything he came across throughout the inspection. He constantly encouraged us to follow him around as he did the inspection so he could elaborate on things ( although most of it was included in his report). The entire thing took just about 2 hours (1100 sq ft home). He even returned into the crawl space beneath the house a second time to double check that all the wiring he saw was old and inactive (mind you the crawl space is not very pleasant). What was particularly impressive about this was that he wasn’t asked to do this nor did he have to. You could tell that it just bothered him to not be sure. I would recommend his service to anyone looking for a home inspector.

Max Kokinda

Buying a home is a big deal, Huge deal for some.  Skimping on a home inspection or going with the realtors suggested guy is a BAD idea.  Home was inspected three times in 2012.  I hired Zibby based on my wife’s suggestion that he was an ‘old school’ inspector sort of like my Dad. Well let me tell you, he is extremely thorough and as mentioned in another review he actually cares and takes the time to explain why items are concerning or should be documented.  Some people think to hire an inspector for the big things.  Zibby not only checks all items on the checklist, but will give you an accurate picture that notes any safety concerns that could be simple fixes or clarifications to be sure you know what you are getting into.  If you’re a buyer Zibby is the only guy to call!  If you’re a seller you can be confident that after he’s done an inspection, no other inspector can fault your home after you’ve remedied the items reported.  Did I mention that I paid a 2nd guy to come out?  He brought his thermal camera and took a few pictures but failed to provide any comments or recommendations, also the 2nd inspector altered the ‘normal’ AC ratings in his inspection so that the reading would be withing standards.   I believe that Zibby documented between 2-10 additional items, two of them notable safety concerns that were not mentioned in any other reports.  I’m closing on my home next week and can address those items quickly.  Because of Zibby’s thorough inspection and attention to detail I am confident that nothing was overlooked.  He also offers a 10% military discount!  I didn’t bother asking for it because I was so pleased with his work, I’ll never use a 2nd inspector again!

Stephen Sobotik

Showed up on time. Even set up the termite portion with a different provider for me. He was polite and thorough. He explained everything to my husband. He did a great job. His prices can’t be beat. My realtor even added him to her referral list and used him again before we even closed.

Jeffrey Walker. Boerne, TX

Zibby arrived on time and ready to go. He didn’t mind that I was tagging along and answering questions while inspecting. He was very helpful and pointed out everything he was looking for and more. His report was very thorough and on time.

Robert Lee. San Antonio

His was quite detailed with his analysis of the property I was thinking of buying. His description of the property telling me the good, the bad and the ugly allowed me to make a intelligent assessment and decision on whether to purchase the home or not.

Carlos C Tellez

Arrived on time; did an in-depth inspection of the house, taking photos and making comments as he went. Took the time to show us the problems and why. Sent a written report with pictures within 24 hours of the inspection. Very professional.

Linda McQuinn

My clients are very important to me and how I present my findings to them is one of the most important aspects of my job. I have received very positive feedback from my customers. Our inspections include time for inspection completion and proper review and explanation of our inspection findings and observations. We utilize as much time is needed to meet this goal. I am always available to answer question that may come up after the inspection. To see what some of my clients have to say, the latest reviews can be found at my listing on Google Places. Clicking the link below will take you to the relevant website where you can rate our home inspection service and provide a brief description of the services received. It only takes a few minutes and your comments are very much appreciated.

We monitor our reviews closely at review sites across the net to make sure we are providing our customers with outstanding service.

Thank you for the feedback!

Zibby Swieca

San Antonio Professional Certified Home Inspector